Digital Deepak Internship Batch3 Program

Digital Deepak Internship Batch3

Digital Deepak Internship Batch3 :

Digital Deepak Internship Batch3 Program is Conducted by Deepak Kanagaraju for 3 Months which is a paid internship, and you will get back paid for the Assignments Approved every Weekly.

Fundamentals of Marketing :

Digital Deepak Internship Batch3 gives you the Brief Description of – Fundamentals of Marketing, Basics of Marketing and Mass Trust.

Why Should You Select a Goal ?

Without goal its highly impossible to reach your Target.

1.Communications Skills : Improving your Communication skills day bay day will make you very confidence in every aspects of your life.

2.Sale Skills: It’s Very Important to have your own sales skills and sell yourself

3.Making Money : you can make money by making a movement of getting a job or becoming a blogger,video maker,affiliate marketer,agency owner & business man,

My goal is Getting a job and Affiliate Marketer.

Finding Yourself for Selecting a Niche : There are infinite number of niches available in the market.

Select a Niche that’s make you perfect.

Economics = Business.

Average People of the Country spends more to make other business grow day by day

Debt creates money

Is Communication Important ?

Yes, it is very important to have good Communications Skills.

You can become a good Content Creator, Sales, or becoming a Successful Professional or Entrepreneur.

Without Commucitaion you cannot suceessed.

if the communication is not good, make a commitnet to improve it.

Hoe to become a Master in Communication ?

to become a master in communication the 4 (L,S,R,W)words with total 2 Hours Daily.





Read 30 Minutes Daily.

Read a book with simple English or E books.

Make sure to think in English, not in your native Language.

Listen to Podcasts daily 30 Minutes.

Write a Lot,the more you write the more you improve in writing.

write 500 Words Daily.

Start with your own blog.

Watch English Sitcoms or Movies with Subtitles,

To improve more watch without subtitles.

Watch Stand up Comedy Shows to Learn Culture & Local Slangs.

Future of Digital Marketing !!!

Digital Deepak Internship Batch3

As we know that Compare to Traditional Marketing,

Digital Marketing cost is Low and cheap, and the Reachable is very fast.

The World is Changing and Moving Towards Digital Era.

Digital Marketing is the simple way to do Marketing.

Marketing + Technology = Digital Marketing.

Without marketing its not possible to sell the products,

Products keeps coming,we need to market them.

Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Deepak Internship Batch3

Quality Content Plays the Main Role in the Integrated Digital Marketing.

Content can be marketed by Search Engine Optimization(Organic Traffic),

Social Media Marketing(Paid & Organic),

Search Engine Marketing(Paid Marketing), and Email Marketing.

These are the sources where we can get traffic and can sell and convert the specific Products.

Selecting of Niche ?????

Selecting of Niche
  • Selecting a Niche is a Combination of PASSION+TALENT+MARKET OPPORTUNITY
  • Enjoying Doing it with passion,
  • get better, by doing the same.
  • The 3 Major Niches are Health, Wealth & Relationships.
  • Select your Niche and Make a Price for it and Earn Income on it.
  • Example, (a pro)
  • and you can Earn 1 CR.

Digital Deepak Internship Batch3 : How To Find Market Demand?

How To Find Market Demand?

First we need to know where the Market demand is and how to go on it ?

  1. We can Use Google Autosuggestion
  3. Looking for Amazon Reviews.
  4. Scratch your own niche (What is the need you are having and figure out what is the need other people having)
  5. Talk to Customers.
  6. Look for pre and post products/services of other products.
  7. (for example, you need a laptop, need to know which brand you require and what will be your estimate cost and Many more as same )

Digital Deepak Internship Batch3: Building your own personal brand is very very important.

Digital Deepak Internship
Build Your Personal Brand

Please come out of your Comfort Zone.

show your self to the Public,

be unique and try to give the best out of it.

Please don’t hesitate,be the one among the all & stand out.

Show your own brand personality & Character on social media.

Do Publish the more content to own the internet.

Digital Deepak Internship Batch3: Benefits of Personal Branding :

Make your own style and Tribe.

People want to hear from people not from Brands.

Build your Own Fame within your community.

It’s Best to be known by other People.

By this personal branding you can get an Employment,

close your client or build your own business.

Coming to personal branding Write a blog,

Publish Videos, or do Public Speaking.

How Does the Marketing Funnels Works ?

start writing content for free.

You need build trust through the funnel and make the funnel automated.

Build Relationships on Automation, with the people who are entering the funnel.

Get 1,00,000 Lakh people at top of the funnel and 1,000 people at the bottom of the funnel,

that’s how the maths works.

Build your own brand Ambassadors.

this is how the funnel works.

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