Digital Deepak Internship 3 Class 2 (Batch 3)

Digital Deepak Internship 3

Digital Deepak Internship 3 Class 2 (Batch 3)

Digital Deepak Internship 3 Class 2 (Batch 3) is conducted by Deepak Kanakaraju. I am very happy about class 1 is that I have completed my assignment in time and received the cashback.

Highlights of Class 2 :

  1. Marketing is about Good Conversation
  2. Be Authentic to Communicate Better
  3. Who is a Better Marketer
  4. Who is Your Audience
  5. Customer Avatars

Marketing is about Good Conversation

Marketing starts with one on one conversation. if you are good with one of one conversation you can engage with many people for the conversation.

If you are not good with one of one conversation, it’s not possible to do conversation with many people.

End of the day Marketing is all about building Trust with many people.

Marketing is a Mass Trust.

Be Authentic to Communicate Better

People are tired of fake people with social personas. Everyone is attracted to someone real.

Don’t attract to anyone who is showing off.

For Example : Authenticity is the main factor for finding the life Partner.

Be Authentic to your self in and around.

Authentic People will get connect to other Authentic People.

To Build Trust to many People you must be Authentic.

Fake People Never End up with Building Mass Trust.

How To Become a Great Public Speaker

Who is a Better Marketer ?

People With More Life Experience’s are Better Marketers.

Travel a Lot.

Learn New Languages.

Do new things all the time.

Have More Relationships with people.

Have More Friends.

Learn New Skills.

Reading Books.

Be Flexible,Open minded & Comfortable.

Who is Your Audience ?

If everyone is your audience, then no one is your audience.

If you are going to target everyone, then no one will respond.

If your are going to target the targeted people, then the people will get respond.

How to Define Your Target Customer ?

If your going to define Demographics and Pyschographics you will get response.

What if people are Beyond the Circle of Demographics & Psychographics?

  1. Think in a specific manner that you are writing an Email to one single customer at a time.
  2. Though you have a big audience, everyone is alone with their single device.
  3. Connect with them through one on one Communication.
  4. Having a large vocabulary and complex language is not to mean that you are good at marketing.
  5. Marketing communication is about having a simple language.
  6. For Example, People say that Donald Trump Communicates with 4th grade English, he communicates in as simple language as possible, and that is the way he was able to convince more people to vote for him.
  7. Try to be very simple in your language to convert people in marketing.
  8. Join the Mental Conversations, if you are having in your mind.
  9. Law of Large Numbers is good for Marketing, for example, you are tossing a coin for 1 time, you may get Heads or Tails, but your are tossing a coin for 10 times you may get heads 7 times and tails 3 times or may change. again you toss the coin for 500 times, you may get heads 500 times and tails 500 times, this is what predictable in marketing.
  10. Predictive analytics and law of large numbers are, what we do in marketing.
  11. How to Predict the Future of Web Events.
  12. That’s why Email Messaging is more powerful than social media.
  13. when we are writing a post in the social media you are talking to a bunch of people, the power of communicating to one on one person is not much.
  14. A lot of People say that Email Marketing will die and social media will take over. this is not correct. because email is a private space and an easy way to connect one on one.

How to Write your First Article on the Web ?

It Must be a one on one conversation that you are writing to a single person.

Your Headline 1: Your Headline Should encourage the people to read your first sentence.

First Sentence: Your first sentence should encourage people to read the second sentence.

Second Sentence : Your second sentence should encourage the people to read the third sentence and so on…

so in this continuing of the sentence, if you are losing the attention of the people, so no one is going to read your article.

writing is about saying less and talking more.

If you have one or two weak sentences in the article then the readability of the people to read the article will go down.

How to Write an Email ?

Write an Email,by addressing their first name.

Write emails like writing to a friend.

Join the Conversation like you are conversing into their mind.

Email Marketing is primary method of Communication.

People when they meet you, they must feel that you know to them already.

Focus on the Center, not on the Border.

As you move away from center,it will dilute and it’s OK.

Customer Avatar

Customer Avatar Template

  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Gender
  4. Which city do you live in?
  5. What is your annual income?
  6. What is your highest level of education?
  7. In-School, What kind of Student you were?
  8. What is your marital status?
  9. Do you have pets?
  10. What sports do you play?
  11. What’s your favorite movie of all time?
  12. What are your top 3 hobbies?
  13. What kind of person are you?
  14. Do you enjoy traveling?
  15. What are you doing right now for a living?
  16. What do you check first thing after waking up?
  17. Do you have a credit card?
  18. What is your biggest fear/worry?
  19. What’s your goal in life?
  20. What laptop/computer do you use?
  21. What phone do you use?
  22. Do you own a car?
  23. What purchase in your life do you regret wasting money on the most?
  24. What makes you angry the most?
  25. What is your biggest accomplishment in life?

For the above Customer Avatar I got total 28 responses and reviewed it.

My Customer Avatar Name is Katika Ramakrishna : Niche (General Questions)

  • Age is 18-24
  • He is Male
  • City is Hyderabad
  • Annual Income is 3-5 Lakh
  • Highest Level of Education if Post-Graduate
  • Average Student in School
  • He is Single
  • He Play’s-Cricket
  • He Enjoy’s Travelling
  • First Thing he checks’s After Waking up is Whats App
  • he has a Credit Card
  • he has a Windows Laptop
  • he has an android phone
  • he does parties more, to spend money

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